The Evolved Nest

Nature’s Way of Raising Children and Creating Connected Communities

by Darcia Narzaez and G. A. Bradshaw (Foreword by Gabor Maté, MD), North Atlantic Books (2023)

North Atlantic Books (2023)

The Evolved Nest is a beautiful resource for Nature advocates, parents-to-be, Animal lovers, and anyone who seeks to revitalize Earth well-being. Through lessons from the Animal world and scientific insights, The Evolved Nest shows how to restore natural wellness in our families and communities by living in harmony with Nature.

Each chapter explores a species-unique “evolved nest,” a way of living with Nature and raising families which has been perfected through evolution over millions of years to optimize development. The Evolved Nest shows the heritages we share with Animal kin. You’ll learn:

  • How Wolves display moral commitment
  • How Elephant communities provide mutual lifetime care
  • How Beavers not only work but foster a spirit of play in their children
  • The emotional and social intelligence of Octopus
  • How, when, and whether (or not) Brown Bears decide to have children
  • What the neuroscience of child raising can teach you—whether you’re a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or child-free

Psychologists Drs. Darcia Narvaez and G. A. Bradshaw, with  a Foreword by Dr. Gabor Maté, describe how each evolved nest offers inspiration for reexamining our own systems of nurturing, understanding, and caring for our young and one another. Combining stunning scientific facts with lessons from neuroscience, psychology, and evolutionary biology, we learn to understand and care deeply for our Animal kin and our innate place within the natural world.